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Kobo Mini eReader for Kids

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Kobo Mini for Kids - Source: Kobo.com

Kobo Mini for Kids – Source: Kobo.com

Sometimes, small is actually better than big, especially when it comes to kids’ things. This is definitely the case with the Kobo Mini eReader. This cute eReader is only five inches, the perfect size for little fingers to hold. The lightweight design makes it easy for kids or their parents to transport this handy tool. In addition, the small size does not mean that this e-Reader is lacking in any of the features that people have come to know and love in the larger models. The Kobo Mini eReader can hold up to 1,000 books, so children can always have their favorite books right at their fingertips, whether they are going on a long car ride, to their friend’s house, or even to school.

The Kobo Mini eReader, which sells for $79.99, provides hours of entertainment. The special E Ink touch screen, along with customizable font options, means that the picture and words are always sharp and clear, so reading is fun and easy. This handy little eReader will delight children and makes a perfect birthday or holiday gift, but is also an excellent surprise at any time of the year. Parents can also feel great about their children’s new toy. While reading, kids can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. With ruby red, teal and purple color SnapBack options, kids can choose the Kobo Mini eReader that suits them best, and can then fill it with all of their favorite stories.

Looking for a kids tablet instead? Check out the 5 best tablets for kids!

Kids tablets and ereaders for kids will be a top seller this Christmas 2012.

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Kindle For Kids | eReaders for Kids

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Kindle for Kids - Source: Amazon.com

Kindle for Kids - Source: Amazon.com

Kindle for Kids Reader

Today, it’s not just adults are who are downloading ebooks – kids are too! Now you can stimulate your child’s mind with quality children’s eBooks from Amazon. Toys-R-Us is now carrying the Amazon Kindle eReader. The Kindle wireless reader will include the standard Wi-Fi Kindle, the ad-based Wi-Fi Kindle with Special Offers, and the standard Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi model, and accessories.

Looking for an e-reader for older children and adults? The Amazon Kindle is a fantastic ebook reader for kids, teens and even tweens. The Kindle e-Reader is portable and extremely affordable. The latest generation Kindle is appealing to both young students and parents. The Kindle eBook reader can motivate your child while helping them develop valuable reading skills.

The Kindle text-to-speech feature and audio books can be especially helpful for children who are struggling to read or simply unmotivated. The Kindle wireless reader is a fun, educational tool that is sure to help develop your child’s vocabulary.

eReaders for kids are becoming more and more popular and are a well-liked feature in tablets for kids. These kids tablets include the LeapPad Explorer and the VTech Innopad.

Kindle Books for Kids – Children’s and Young Adult Fiction

Publishers have added many favorite classic children’s books to Kindle – and children are loving them! Technology is changing and so is the way that children read.

eBooks are an excellent way to get your kids into the habit of reading. Browse kids Kindle books and download your favorite children’s ebooks – and free Kindle ebooks too!

Kids Kindle books are available for both the Amazon Kindle eBook reader and the new Amazon tablet.

Promote literacy with Kids Kindle Books! Make reading fun with the Kindle as a children’s e-book reader.

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Leapfrog eReader | LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer is a eBook Reader and Media Player

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LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer eReader, Media Player & Handheld Game System

Leapfrog has introduced an exciting handheld gaming device for kids. The LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer is a touch screen e-Reader with a stylus pen for writing and drawing. LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer combines fun with learning in this e-reading device for kids. The Leapfrog e-Reader and gaming device is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for children ages 4 to 9 years. Recently, LeapFrog has added the LeapPad Explorer tablet to it’s collection.

Image Source: Leapfrog

Image Source: Leapfrog

Aside from being an e book reader, the LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer is also a video player and gaming device with enormous educational value. The LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer also has an optional camera which is sold separately. Your child can learn valuable reading, math, science, and geography skills. The LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer will even allow your child to have a digital pet. The Leapfrog ereading device promotes mobile learning and playing at the same time!

Fisher Price iXL eReader Learning System

LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer Features:

    • lightweight and portable with user-friendly interface
    • automatically adjusts to your child’s skill level
    • large color touch screen with 3D graphics and flash animation
    • ability for parents to track their child’s progress
    • preset games and videos
    • downloadable ereader app, e-Books, videos, flash cards and game apps


LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Camera

Turn your Leapster Explorer handheld ereader into a digital camera and video recorder! The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Recorder is sold separately for $24.99 and can be added to the Leapster Explore handheld. The LeapFrog camera and video recorder, along with the Leapster Explorer, allows children to personalize and store pictures and video.

Protect your investment with the Leapfrog Leapster Explorer carrying case. Use this case to protect and store the Leapster Explorer handheld ereader when on-the-go.

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Sony eReader Touch | Portable eBook Reader for Kids and Teens

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Sony Reader PRS-600

Image Copyright Sony

Sony Reader PRS-600 Portable eBook Reader for Kids and Teens

Sony has come out with ereader for kids and teens. The Sony eReader PRS-600 is thin, small and lighter than most magazines. The 6-inch display features touch screen navigation with a virtual keyboard. The Sony Reader Touch Edition allows you to turn pages, bookmark, adjust the font, and search for titles with the swipe of a finger.

The Sony Reader PRS-600 student ebook reader has flexible ebook formatting, a good dictionary, and easy ways to access books. Access up to 350 of your favorite books from anywhere. The 6″ touchscreen display allows for easy navigation – Simply turn pages with the swipe of a finger. The Sony stylus is a great tool for highlighting and annotation making it an ideal ereader for students.

The Sony Reader PRS-600 is compatible with PDF and ePub files, so students can access thousands of ebooks for free. Free ebooks are available from Google Books and Project Gutenberg. Students can easily share cards for books without DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection. Find more great ebooks at Sony’s eBookstore.

The Sony Reader PRS-600 is an affordable ereader for kids and teens. Reduce classroom and library expenses, while reducing paper usage. Unlike adult ereaders, the Sony ebook ereader does not offer access to a web browser within the wireless device. This will ensure that students are using their ebook reader for reading ebooks instead of email.

Sony eReader Touch Features:

  • virtual keyboard and stylus for taking notes
  • touch screen and buttons navigation
  • SD card and a Sony Memory Stick, so books can be saved to memory cards
  • 512 MB of space
  • New Oxford American Dictionary
  • mp3 player for music, pronunciation or reading along with audiobook files
  • six different fonts and a zoom feature for students who need large font
  • good battery with with strong life

The Sony Reader PRS-600 wireless device can be found for less that $200. The Sony eReader for kids is here just in time for Christmas 2011. Choose between black, red and silver.

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Aiptek Storybook InColor | Readers for kids

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Aiptek Storybook InColor

Image Source: Aiptek | Aiptek Storybook InColor

Aiptek Storybook InColor

The AIPTEK Story Book inColor features the 1st color E-Books on the market.

Aiptek’s Story Book inColor is a color e-reader device, with an online story book service for users to download. The AIPTEK Story Book inColor creates a fun-filled environment and learning process which enables children to enrich their reading skills. This child-friendly ereader is a great tool for learning.

Aiptek’s Story eReader is a color ereader the targets children from four to eight years old. Story Book inColor is designed to help children improve their literacy and reading skills. This educational toy is a great tool for reading and comprehension. The Aiptek Storybook InColor features a variety of multilingual ebooks including English and Chinese.

The Aiptek Storybook has a battery which is strong enough to deliver two continuous hours of photo slideshows. The colorful story e-book reader feature Auto Rotation and Auto Slide Show – similar to the iPhone and the iPad.

The Aiptek Storybook InColor comes pre-loaded with 20 multimedia e-books. The kid’s e-books are narrated and include MP3 audio playback from the built-in speaker. Additional e-books can be purchased separately. The Aiptek’s Story eReader displays a picture every twenty minutes, reminding children to take a break from the device and rest their eyes.

The Aiptek color e-reader has the ability to play photo slideshows in JPG format, and can also be used as a digital picture frame.

Aiptek’s Story eReader Features:

  • This kids ereader includes a colorful menu and page turn buttons to help book navigation
  • Includes enough internal memory to store up to 45 ebooks
  • SD expansion slot allows your kid to add more ebooks to their collection
  • Comes with a comfortable 8-inch LCD screen
  • Your child can read ebooks in color – all narrated
  • Features MP3 audio playback of ebooks
  • Auto Rotation and Auto Slide Show
  • eBooks are available in a variety of different languages including English, and Chinese.

E-Readers are a popular learning gadget for kids. The list of hot Christmas toys 2011, includes ereaders for kids. Aiptek’s Story Book inColor will cost $199 each, while ebooks cost $3-4 dollars.

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Looking for more kid’s color ebooks? Visit www.ebookincolor.com for kid’s color ebooks.

Android Cruz Reader | Cruz Tablet | Cruz Storypad

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Cruz Storypad

Image Source: cruzreader.com

Tablet for Kids

Velocity Micro has introduced a series of Android-based tablets under the name of Cruz. Velocity Micro’s Cruz Tablets follow the latest trend of touch screen toys for kids. These lightweight, spill resistant kid’s tablets are affordable and aimed at children. The children’s tablets seems to resemble the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle. The Velocity Cruz tablets will run on Google’s Android OS. The Cruz tablets start at just $149.

Kids Tablet

Cruz StoryPad

The Cruz StoryPad is kid friendly, spill resistant and excellent for kids e-books. Perfect for kids, the Cruz StoryPad offers a touch screen, interactive content, and intuitive interface. The kid-friendly Cruz StoryPad offers a simple touch friendly interface with interactive features with a drop resistant package. The StoryPad is perfect for children with a spill-resistant case and affordable pricing at only $149. The Cruz StoryPad comes in pink, blue and green.

Touch Screen Toys

Cruz Reader

The Cruz Reader is mainly for e-books yet, it will also support apps, games, web browsing. This wireless reading device allows you to listen to music, share books with others, and access the internet. The Cruz Reader hand held toy has enough storage to hold hundreds of books.

The Cruz Reader is perfect for reading eBooks. In fact, Velocity Micro’s Android-based Cruz Reader has partnered with Borders and Kobo to deliver ebooks to the device. The Cruz Reader is priced at $199.00

Cruz Tablet

The Cruz Reader will be joined by the Cruz Tablet which is an upgraded version of the Cruz Reader. Cruz tablets were designed for children with features like a spill-resistant case and an affordable price. Your child will enjoy a multi-touch screen, microphone for voice recording and access to the e-library.

This Android-based Cruz tablet that is perfect for children, they will be able to follow along with stories while the tablet reads them out loud. The Cruz tablet will have Flash support for gaming & video and is essentially an upscale version of Cruz Reader. The Cruz tablet is intended more for video than reading. The Cruz Tablet is priced at $299.00

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Nintendo DSi XL | Nintendo DSI XL eReader

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Image Copyright Nintendo Inc.

Image Copyright Nintendo Inc.

Nintendo DSi XL Gaming Device and e-Reader

Supersize your portable gaming system and kid’s eReader with the Nintendo DSi XL, “XL” meaning “extra large”.  The extra large Nintendo DSi XL gives your child a premium reading experience for utilizing the Nintendo DSi as an e-Reader device. Nintendo’s wildly popular gaming device now doubles as an e-reader for kids.

The DSi XL is a “jumbo” larger-screened version of Nintendo’s original DS and DSi gaming device.  There is not one, but two 4.2-inch screens on the handheld console. The “100 Classic Books” collection is now available. 100 Classic Books Apps which includes several popular public domain ebooks such as Shakespeare and Mark Twain. Nintendo DSi XL ebooks for children will complete the Nintendo ereader. Unlike the Kindle or Nook, the Nintendo DSi XL will only access ebooks for children.

The kids e-reader device is a new gadget for kids. Some may consider the DSi XL as a cost-effective alternative to the iPad. The Nintendo DSi XL price is $189.99. It comes in Burgundy and Bronze and is available on Amazon.com.

The DSi XL kid’s ereader is a quality educational toy and a great Christmas gift idea as well! Kid’s e-Readers and gaming devices are best selling toys for Christmas 2011! e-Readers for kids are flourishing into a popular educational toy.

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VTech eReader | Kids E-Reader

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Source: Gizmodo

Source: Gizmodo

The VTech eReader: A Fun e-Reader for Kids!

VTech has developed the first children’s animated e-reader in the world! The V Tech kid’s ereader is a fun, educational toy that is sure to help develop your child’s vocabulary. The V.Reader Animated E-Book System has been developed for preschoolers who fall between the 3 to 7 age bracket.

LeapPad Explorer Tablet for Children

The VTech ereader will compliment the iPad, the Kindle and other popular e-readers. The V. Reader allows children to emulate their parents as they learn valuable reading skills. Similar to educational systems like Kurzweil, the kid-friendly V Reader reads out loud and highlights words as it follows the story.

“The VTech FLiP, an eBook Reader geared towards preschoolers, is definitely a worthy gadget for a budding bookworm and might just pack enough bells and whistles to engage a text-ambivalent tot.” ~Gizmodo

V.Reader Animated E-Book System

  • features a see-thru flip cover
  • the V Reader has a 4.3″ color touch screen
  • has fun interactive reading games
  • the kid’s ereader does not require an internet connection
  • the ereader for children comes with 11 books including Shrek, Dora the Explorer and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • download free ebooks from VTech’s growing library
  • load books through a cartridge or directly onto the kid’s ereader
  • includes a built-in dictionary
  • includes a QWERTY keyboard
  • enables parental access and control

Visit the VTech Library for vTech Downloads Here

The VTech ereader fosters independent learning while allowing for parental participation. Parents are able to track their child’s progress through online progress reports and achievement certificates. eReaders for kids may eventually replace traditional paper books.

The VTech ereader comes in pink and blue and a matching backpack case can be purchased separately.  VTech toys are known for their quality, fun, and educational value. The FLiP ereader for kids is priced at $59.99.

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Fisher Price iXL | eReader for Kids

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Fisher Price iXL

Fisher Price iXL

iXL Learning System

Preschool Digital Learning Device from Fisher Price

Fisher price has developed a fun and educational device for children. The Fisher-Price iXL Learning System is an electronic learning device for kids that features an interactive kid’s ereader. The child-friendly touch screen device has been modeled after the iPhone. Basically, the iXL is an iPod for kids. Touch screen toys are becoming increasingly popular. touch screen toys for children have been called “iPod touch toys” or the “iPad for Children”. e-Readers for kids are popping up in all the new touch toys for children.

The Fisher Price iXL Learning System has been designer for preschoolers ages 3 years and older. The iXL e-reader will give your child a kid-friendly introduction to the new technological devices that are hitting the market.

Looking for an e-reader for older children and adults? Check out the Amazon Kindle 3rd Generation Review. The new Kindle 3 is now extremely affordable. The latest generation Kindle is appealing to both young students and parents.

The iXL Has 6 Amazing Applications:

  • Story Book – your child can watch animated stories with interactive text on a e-reader
  • Game Player -children can learn about numbers and counting while playing exciting games
  • Music Player - choose your child’s music from MP3 and WMA file formats
  • Art Studio – let your child get creative with drawing tools, colors and stamper
  • Note Book – your child can learn handwriting by tracing letters and numbers
  • Photo Album - upload your child’s favorite photos on the Fisher Price iXL

The iXL portable hand-held device for kids is an invaluable educational tool that will help your child develop essential literary skills. Fisher Price iXL is a child’s ereader and so much more! Your child will excel with this fun and interactive electronic device.

Children love to emulate their parents. The iXL gives children a user-friendly platform to learn and play as they are introduced into the world of modern electronics.

The iXL Learning System for preschoolers is priced at $79.99. The Fisher Price iXL comes in three great colors – pink, blue or silver.

The Fisher Price iXL is predicted to be one of the hottest toys for Christmas 2010!

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Nintendo Flips | eBooks for Kids

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Nintendo Flips

Nintendo Flips

FLIPS interactive books for Nintendo DS

With the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and Barnes and Noble Nook, it was only a matter of time before a company created kids ebooks and eReaders for Kids. FLIPS Nintendo DS Books are interactive books that children can read on the DS touch screen. Your child can flip the page by swiping their finger or stylus across the screen.

The Nintendo DS already has the ereader technology – simply purchase the Nintendo Flip cartridges and insert them into them into the Nintendo device. Let your child’s imagination soar as they read stories on the dual-screen interface.

Nintendo books are interactive ebooks for kids that feature storytelling, quizzes, animation, and sound effects. Nintendo Flip ebooks encourage kids to read because they are interactive and fun. Kids e readers are introducing a whole new way of reading!

Nintendo kid’s ebooks are great for travel, improving literacy, and fosters learning. Unquestionably, Nintendo Flips are an invaluable learning tool that can really get children excited about reading.

Check out Nintendo’s new Nintendo XL DSI with a 93% larger screen, perfect for reading.

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