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Cruz Storypad

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Tablet for Kids

Velocity Micro has introduced a series of Android-based tablets under the name of Cruz. Velocity Micro’s Cruz Tablets follow the latest trend of touch screen toys for kids. These lightweight, spill resistant kid’s tablets are affordable and aimed at children. The children’s tablets seems to resemble the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle. The Velocity Cruz tablets will run on Google’s Android OS. The Cruz tablets start at just $149.

Kids Tablet

Cruz StoryPad

The Cruz StoryPad is kid friendly, spill resistant and excellent for kids e-books. Perfect for kids, the Cruz StoryPad offers a touch screen, interactive content, and intuitive interface. The kid-friendly Cruz StoryPad offers a simple touch friendly interface with interactive features with a drop resistant package. The StoryPad is perfect for children with a spill-resistant case and affordable pricing at only $149. The Cruz StoryPad comes in pink, blue and green.

Touch Screen Toys

Cruz Reader

The Cruz Reader is mainly for e-books yet, it will also support apps, games, web browsing. This wireless reading device allows you to listen to music, share books with others, and access the internet. The Cruz Reader hand held toy has enough storage to hold hundreds of books.

The Cruz Reader is perfect for reading eBooks. In fact, Velocity Micro’s Android-based Cruz Reader has partnered with Borders and Kobo to deliver ebooks to the device. The Cruz Reader is priced at $199.00

Cruz Tablet

The Cruz Reader will be joined by the Cruz Tablet which is an upgraded version of the Cruz Reader. Cruz tablets were designed for children with features like a spill-resistant case and an affordable price. Your child will enjoy a multi-touch screen, microphone for voice recording and access to the e-library.

This Android-based Cruz tablet that is perfect for children, they will be able to follow along with stories while the tablet reads them out loud. The Cruz tablet will have Flash support for gaming & video and is essentially an upscale version of Cruz Reader. The Cruz tablet is intended more for video than reading. The Cruz Tablet is priced at $299.00

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