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Source: Gizmodo

Source: Gizmodo

The VTech eReader: A Fun e-Reader for Kids!

VTech has developed the first children’s animated e-reader in the world! The V Tech kid’s ereader is a fun, educational toy that is sure to help develop your child’s vocabulary. The V.Reader Animated E-Book System has been developed for preschoolers who fall between the 3 to 7 age bracket.

LeapPad Explorer Tablet for Children

The VTech ereader will compliment the iPad, the Kindle and other popular e-readers. The V. Reader allows children to emulate their parents as they learn valuable reading skills. Similar to educational systems like Kurzweil, the kid-friendly V Reader reads out loud and highlights words as it follows the story.

“The VTech FLiP, an eBook Reader geared towards preschoolers, is definitely a worthy gadget for a budding bookworm and might just pack enough bells and whistles to engage a text-ambivalent tot.” ~Gizmodo

V.Reader Animated E-Book System

  • features a see-thru flip cover
  • the V Reader has a 4.3″ color touch screen
  • has fun interactive reading games
  • the kid’s ereader does not require an internet connection
  • the ereader for children comes with 11 books including Shrek, Dora the Explorer and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • download free ebooks from VTech’s growing library
  • load books through a cartridge or directly onto the kid’s ereader
  • includes a built-in dictionary
  • includes a QWERTY keyboard
  • enables parental access and control

Visit the VTech Library for vTech Downloads Here

The VTech ereader fosters independent learning while allowing for parental participation. Parents are able to track their child’s progress through online progress reports and achievement certificates. eReaders for kids may eventually replace traditional paper books.

The VTech ereader comes in pink and blue and a matching backpack case can be purchased separately.  VTech toys are known for their quality, fun, and educational value. The FLiP ereader for kids is priced at $59.99.

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